Teeth Whitening For Christmas

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, many of us are busy making plans to spend time with loved ones. This is the time of the year when we get together with acquaintances, co-workers, friends and family members to enjoy all the fun the holidays offer. The doctors at Arizona Smile Designers offer quality, general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry to patients living in and around Cottonwood, AZ which includes professional teeth whitening.

Treat Yourself to Snow White Teeth

There is always plenty of shopping to do during this time of the year as we purchase gifts for our friends and family members. Why not spend a little bit of money on yourself as well because after all, you’re worth it and it is nice to pamper yourself now and then! A great idea is to treat yourself to white, bright teeth so you can be proud of your smile as you celebrate the holidays with those you care about.

Teeth whitening is the perfect way to freshen up your smile so you look great this winter. Imagine how good you will look and feel showing off a snow white smile while you’re socializing over the holidays!

White Teeth for More Confidence

If your teeth are discolored or faded, you may feel self-conscious when around others as you attempt to hide your smile. Our Cottonwood AZ teeth whitening services can give you a white, bright and dazzling smile to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Our practice offers both in-office bleaching and overnight bleaching you do at home. The first option provides the fastest results as each session lasts about 1 ½ hours wherein you can read or relax during the treatment. The overnight bleaching process takes approximately two weeks as you fill a mouthguard with bleaching gel and wear it overnight for a few hours each day.

Once you’ve had your teeth professionally whitened, you will be able to show off your stunning new smile while spending time with the people you care about. Plus you’ll look great for all those photographs people take of you over the holidays!

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If you would like to whiten and brighten your smile to look your best during the holiday season and beyond, request an appointment today to have your teeth professionally whitened. We look forward to seeing you soon!