Dental Implants versus Dentures

Many of us need to have one or more teeth replaced as we age, and for some patients, the simplest solution is to replace all of the teeth to create a complete smile. If you’re someone who needs most or all of your teeth replaced, there are two main options available to you from your … Continued

Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Unfortunately, it’s only natural over time for teeth to get chipped, become discolored, start decaying, or suffer some other type of damage. In more serious cases, teeth may even fall out or have to be removed, leading to a patient wondering if a great smile will ever be attainable again. Not to worry though! As … Continued

Dentures Deserve Another Look If you’re an adult who has several teeth missing, it’s likely that you feel uncomfortable when spending time with others, especially when you smile or laugh. It’s also likely that the foods you can enjoy are somewhat limited as you find it difficult to bite and chew properly due to having … Continued